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Can you fix a roof leak from the attic?

Fixing a leak from inside the house is impossible – it will only divert the water to another part of the roof, where it will eventually find its way or cause sheathing rot and further damage. Once water has got under your shingles and underlay, replace the shingles. Leaks are very unlikely to occur in roofs with uninterrupted surfaces or shingles, even on older roofs. Therefore, looking for holes, interference in the roof surface, or other damage is the first step in the process. This type of repair is designed to keep moisture, water, and other debris off your home or commercial roof until the roof can be properly repaired. This is the type of repair you should do after you discover a leak and need to mitigate damage until you can get estimates and a review from a rooftop company for more permanent repairs.

Before you descend from the roof, leave the ceiling to examine the work that has just been completed and see if it is in order. A professional roofer should have their own liability insurance in case something goes wrong. If you can’t tell that your roof is leaking but still see evidence of a roof leak and water entering, or if you don’t feel comfortable sourcing or fixing the leak yourself, it’s time to call in an umbrella contractor. The good news is that PJ Fitz will help you permanently repair your roof and keep it dry for years to come.

First, look for any penetrations, holes, or other visible damage to the roof from the outside, as these problems are the most common causes of leaks. Climb your ladder with a spotter to help you, and always make sure you move slowly and step onto your roof carefully. If you can’t find the leak in your roof, you’ll need to cover it quickly with a plastic roof cover. If the roof leak is severe, the steps above will help you prevent further damage to your home until a roofer professional arrives.

And if repairing roof leaks is significant or you cannot repair a leaking roof yourself, you can always contact your insurance agent and an experienced roofer if you are worried about insurance that covers the costs. If you have a roof leak and don’t have it repaired, you will have to deal with the various consequences that occur. GAF, a roof manufacturer, suggests inspecting the rafters and beams of your attic with a flashlight. Review your insurance policy and get a quote from a contractor if you have damage to roof openings, chimney, or other designs and locations that you think may require more extensive work than you do yourself.