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Can you repair just part of a roof?

In most cases, we recommend that homeowners make a full canopy if about half of the roof is damaged. That said, there are some cost-saving options if you’re worried your budget won’t support an entirely new roof. For more information, visit our blog about Tear-Off vs.. Overlay roofs.

Although you can only replace half a roof, it is not recommended by roofers. Some homeowners may consider it a cheaper choice — or think it saves time. From an expert perspective, replacing half-roofs often brings more damage (or cost) than good. If the damaged area is small and limited to a single section of your roof, you may be able to replace the one section.

It’s not always an ideal strategy and won’t even save you money. Roofing materials are sold in bulk, and it can be difficult to find a shingle color several years after installation. If the damage is limited to one side of the roof, partial roofing is also possible. Replacing just one side of your roof is certainly cheaper overall than replacing the entire roof.

Replacing an entire roof section will make repairs less obvious as slight color differences between the different sides of your roof won’t be as noticeable. One example where you can repair part of your roof is replacing damaged or missing shingles. Shingle replacement may not be a cause for concern, but should only be done by a professional. You should hire an experienced roofer who has access if your roof terraces and underlay are damaged.

While a few newer shingles are acceptable for minor repairs, having half your roof of a completely different age isn’t always a good option. If your roof cavities or you have serious damage, your insurance company probably won’t cover a full roof repair, so you’ll have to incur a higher cost to get your roof repaired. While some homeowners try to do roof repairs themselves, it’s usually not a good idea, especially if you’re not a roof expert. Matching the two sides of a roof for a half-roof repair will be even harder, and it’s hard to figure out how to get both halves of the roof back on the same schedule if you want to sell the home to new owners.

If your roof only replaces a few shingles or needs a few smaller patches, you can end up hiring a roofer to do these small repairs for you. It’s hard to decide what to do when your roofer says you need a completely new roof, but your insurance only covers a partial repair. Some people insist on getting a roof repair when they need a replacement, often because budget is an issue. One reason why many people want to replace half of their roof is that their insurer doesn’t pay the full amount of an entire roof repair or roof replacement.

This will make roof repair more difficult in the future, as it is much more difficult to cover only half a house than to cover an entire house. However, if your current roof has changed color due to sun exposure and weather, a repair with new shingles will be visible from the street. In addition to the potential leaks, your roof consists of differently aged sections that make repairs difficult later. By making necessary repairs and adding fasteners to the cladding (especially ring nails or screws), you avoid the dramatic losses that occur when the jacket is blown off the roof, so rain can cause significant damage to the interior.

If you have a leak or other small damage, the good news is that you probably don’t need to replace half a roof and can only get by with partial repairs. Even though the cost was lower than the cost of repairing the entire roof, you should remember the frequent repair costs you incur on older parts of your roof.