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Hail Damage: A Major Concern for Most Roofs and What Should You Do Next

When it comes to houses, protection is the name of the game. Indeed, people are concerned with every aspect of their home, from the basement to the drywall and everything in between, as well they should. The roof is a concern to many, and part of the reason for that would be due to tree branches and other heavy objects falling on it. However, one of the most underrated problems that can happen to a roof would have to be hailstorms. Hail can cause just as much damage to your home as fires or floods and should be treated with just as much due diligence. Just consider some of the main issues that can develop on your roof due to hail damage:

You Could Get Multiple Dents in Your Shingles and Flashing

If your roof has been impacted by hailstones, one of the first things that might happen would be a number of new dents on your shingles. This could significantly hinder your roof’s ability to protect you in subsequent storms. If your flashing has been dented, there is a greater chance that water could get in your attic or upper crawl space and cause even further damage during a freeze. 

You Could End Up Getting Damaged or Totally Missing Shingles

The hail could crack or totally break your tiles, leading to leaks and a more expensive repair process. Additionally, if your shingles are a “total loss”, it will lead to a more expensive repair and more interior damage. However, if you have comprehensive homeowners insurance, this could be covered.

You Could Have Damaged Gutters

The one thing you need to know about gutters and downspouts is that they are designed just for rainwater. Thus, they cannot prevent hail from damaging your roof. If the hailstones are large enough, they can damage your roof by knocking your gutters apart. 

There Is a Greater Possibility of Roof Collapse

Finally, the more damage your roof accrues, the greater chance your roof might ultimately collapse. 
Do you have questions regarding hail damage on your roof? Give our construction team a call today and we can help you out! Our dedicated team of professionals knows everything there is to know when it comes to roofs and the potential damage they could face. We can answer any questions you might have in regards to your roof and how hail can affect it. 

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