PVC Roof Membrane Installation System

If you want to invest in PVC roofing, a professional roofing contractor can work with you to suggest a choice that suits both your demands and your budget, and that contractor is Alliance Roofers, which has extensive expertise and covers East Texas. Call us right away!

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What is a PVC roof?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) roofing is a single-ply roofing membrane used on flat or low-sloped commercial or industrial roofs. PVC is a popular synthetic plastic polymer that is well-known for its tensile strength and inexpensive cost. 

PVC roofing systems are also highly adaptable, manufactured into a wide range of commercial roofing solutions. For example, if you want to replace your current flat roof, PVC may be a good choice because you can place it directly over the existing roof membrane. It can save a lot of money by eliminating expensive roof tear-offs and unnecessary staffed hours.

Most commercial and industrial building owners in East Texas may have spent a significant amount of money on a supposedly reliable PVC roofing contractor. And will later learn that the new PVC roof membrane installation was flawed, resulting in costly repairs, leaks, excessive energy bills, and perhaps interior building damage. At the same time, the business owners are working hard to meet the needs of their company.

The only alternative for the company is to move to a PVC roofing contractor that can give superior service, just like Alliance Roofers of East Texas has a strong track record.

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What is the composition of a PVC roofing system?

Because of the materials utilized, PVC roofing systems offered by Alliance Roofers provide an outstanding combination of benefits. PVC membrane is composed of two layers of polyvinyl chloride with polyester added in between for reinforcement. Each layer contains additives that make the material more flexible, resilient, and ecologically friendly.

The Advantages of PVC Roofing Systems

As previously said, PVC roofing systems are among the most durable available today. A properly constructed, high-quality PVC roofing system by the Alliance Roofing & Construction may last 20-30 years and requires little maintenance during that time.

A PVC roofing system also has the following advantages:

  • Resistant to chemicals
    A PVC roofing system would assist commercial facilities that deal with a lot of chemicals. Why? A PVC system components are very resistant to chemical harm.
  • Resistant to fire 
    Roof membranes made of PVC are exceedingly difficult to ignite. Eliminating the source of flame will make the PVC membrane to self-extinguish. 
  • Resistant to the wind
    PVC roofing systems offer better wind uplift resistance when placed with heat-welded seams.
  • Resistant to water
    PVC is very resistant to severe humidity, making it a good choice in rainy areas
  • Friendly to the environment
    PVC roofing is a highly reflective material that can minimize energy consumption and monthly heating and cooling expenditures (with insulation). Furthermore, even after decades of usage, the vinyl used in PVC roofing may be recycled into new goods.
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Understanding what a PVC roofing system is and the benefits it may provide for your East Texas properties will allow you to make a more informed decision throughout the purchasing process. Contact the professionals at Alliance Roofing & Construction for more information on which roofing system is best for commercial and industrial property. 

Whether you need a new company roof or to re-roof your property, our highly skilled East Texas commercial roofing contractors will provide you the expert guidance you need to get the job done correctly. Contact us to schedule your free business roofing inspection today!

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