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Alliance Roofing and Construction is a roof installation company that specializes in residential and commercial roofing services. We are committed to providing our clients with the best materials, service, and craft available anywhere at any price.

Our team of professionals will inspect your property's current roof before discussing the details about what needs to be done for improvement or replacement concerning your budget.

Our roofing installation offers a wide variety of services, from residential to commercial. We are providing high-quality roofing installation services with the utmost satisfaction and guarantee. We also provide services for construction defect repairs and leak detection as well as storm damage repair.

Alliance Roofing and Construction provides Roofing Solutions in the area of Ace of Clubs House Texarkana, TX

The best way to deal with a roofing issue is to take care of it as soon as possible. If you wait too long, the damage can get costly, not to mention the fact that your roof could start leaking on you and your home. Therefore, getting your roof fixed is one of the most important things you can do to ensure it lasts as long as possible. 

Alliance Roofing and Construction is a roofer that can help you find the best commercial and residential roofing solution for your Texarkana, Texas home and business. They offer various services to suit any need: from gutter repair to new installation or even routine maintenance on existing roofs.

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Ace of Clubs House

The Ace of Clubs House, located in Texarkana, Texas, is a notable house museum that is well worth your visit. The house has a three-sided curved shape that resembles a playing card from the side - each wing is an octagon, and a semicircular staircase joins them. Originally constructed as a residence in 1885, and its architecture exhibits an Italian Victorian Style. The 22-sided design resulted in the house having a 20-foot tower and a spiral staircase.

One explanation for the club shape of this house is that its owner, and first mayor of Texarkana, James Draughon, used money won in a game of poker with an ace of clubs to build it. Three families have lived in the house. In 1887, William Lowndes Whitaker Sr. bought it from its original owner and resided there for six years until he sold it to Henry Moore Jr., a prominent Texarkana family. Henry and his wife Olivia Smith moved into the house in 1920.

The Ace of Clubs House is a historic home dating back to the late nineteenth century, on display as a museum since 1988. The house has been restored throughout its history, from 1880 up until 1940.

The Ace of Clubs House caters to lawn parties, receptions, business and club meetings, and portrait photography sessions. In 2016, Ace of Clubs House hosted events like the Victorian Christmas celebration & Texarkana Museums System's Moonlight and classic movie series viewing.

The Ace of Clubs House has been featured on the television program Christmas Castles on numerous occasions. It is also listed with the National Register of Historic Places and a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark.