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If you need commercial roofing & construction services for your business in Texarkana, TX, Alliance Roofers is the company you can call for any project. We provide a comprehensive range of construction services to help you complete any job swiftly and efficiently. Contact us today!

Roofing Service by Museum of Regional History

At Alliance Roofing and Construction, we understand that your business is the backbone of your life. That's why we work harder than anyone else to ensure that your roof is the foundation that helps your business run smoothly. We have a reputation for providing quality commercial roofing services for Museum of Regional History area businesses over the years.

If your business needs a new commercial roof, you're going to want to talk to an expert. Alliance Roofing and Construction is a local commercial roofing and construction company that serves Texarkana, Texas. What sets us apart from our competition is that we are specialists; we offer all services related to commercial roofing construction, including Roofing Installation and Roofing Maintenance. Roofing Repairs, Roofing Cleaning, Flat Roofing Roofing Replacement, and more.

Alliance Roofing and Construction Provides Commercial Roofing Services in the area of the Museum of Regional History Texarkana TX

Running a business in Texarkana, Texas, can be especially difficult if you don't have the proper roofing to protect your investment. Alliance Roofing and Construction understands that every building's needs are different, which is why they offer such a wide variety of roof types.

If you are considering installing a new roof, contact Alliance Roofing and Construction so that one of their experts could help with deciding what kind is best for your needs. They can deal with an array of roofing services, including commercial roof installation.

Below is a list of their roofing services:

  • Roof repairs and maintenance- flat roofs, metal roofs, single-ply roofs, TPO and PVC roofs
  • Commercial roof construction
  • Residential roof installation

They specialize in the installation and maintenance of roofing and other construction services. So whether you are looking for a simple flat roof or a complex commercial roofing system, Alliance Roofing and Construction can help you achieve your goals.


Museum of Regional History

The Museum of Regional History in Texarkana, Texas, was originally the Texarkana Historical Museum. It is the eminent Museum in the Texarkana metropolitan area; it was established in 1971. It is located in the City of Texarkana's oldest brick building, which was built in 1879.

The Museum of Regional History talks about the history of the region. It explains how early settlers first arrived, and Caddo people lived there. It also explores how farming and other industries developed, exploring the relationship between this area and railroads in World War II. Finally, it delves into civil rights movements as they progressed across America.

The Museum's Caddo collections include pottery, tools, and jewelry, as well as rare images. Its most well-known musical history collection provides Huddie Ledbetter, Conlon Nancarrow, and Scott Joplin; it is about Jazz and Folk music and includes one of Joplin's pianos. The Museum also has a display dedicated to the life of Texas Congressman Wright Patman.

The Museum of Regional History in Texarkana, Texas, holds various exhibits and has the Wilbur Smith Research Library and Archives. The archives contain photographs and research materials, including historical books such as rare books and other documents. It also includes the Texarkana city directory collection as well as Pioneer History files. The Museum is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and has been designated by the National Register of Historic Places and the Recorded Texas Historic Landmark.

The Museum of Regional History in Texarkana, Texas, is a fantastic place to learn about the history of this region. From its humble beginnings as a small museum set up by the local library board to what it has become today, you will find all you need to know about Texarkana's past here. The Museum offers tours for school groups and summer camps and lectures on various topics from church architecture to how film can tell stories about life in Texarkana. You can also participate in hands-on activities such as exploring an archaeological dig site or creating your miniature diorama!