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Standing Water Can Create a Major Problem on a Flat Roof

It’s impossible to deny that standing water is one of the flat roofs’ major flaws. Standing or pooled water creates a potentially significant problem because it can lead to mold and mildew growth and because stagnant pools can eventually burst or leak under pressure or weight.

Some of the Common Causes of Standing Water

Roof Leaks

A leaky roof is one of the most common reasons for standing water. The reasons for this are quite obvious: if water can get through in one place, there is a good possibility that it may seep in and pool up on the top of the roof.

Poorly Draining Gutters

If you have a poor gutter drainage system, you are more likely to experience problems with standing water. If your gutters have any obstructions, such as leaf buildup or holes, standing water will not be able to drain properly. This causes roof damage and pooling.

Old and Broken-Down Gutters

Exposed, old and rusted gutters can easily clog and cause water to back up. If your gutters are in poor condition or are missing parts, your roof will take a beating from the buildup of water.

Cracks in Your Flat Roof

Cracks in your flat roof allow rainwater to penetrate instead of diverting into the gutter. Moreover, those cracks can allow for water that pools on top of the roof to seep inside.

How to Prevent Standing Water on a Flat Roof

Roof repair is necessary for the longevity of your home and can drastically reduce the hassle of dealing with a cracked, flat roof. Roof repair is a very affordable and straightforward way of completely solving any roofing concerns you might have.

To prevent any standing water from occurring, you should contact a professional roofer who will be able to inspect your roof’s condition. Then, once the problem has been identified, a quote will be given for the repair. Once the quote has been received, the repair will be completed. The repair will prevent standing water while following any code requirements set forth by your municipality.

Roof replacement is also an excellent solution to prevent standing water. Roof replacement is often recommended to avoid leaks that can occur on a flat roof and improve the appearance.

In either case, the company will give a quote, which will determine the proper materials to use. If you decide that it is necessary to have your roof replaced, it is best for you to hire a roofing contractor with extensive experience installing flat roofs.

Proper maintenance must be performed regularly for any flat roof to remain watertight. A roof’s lifespan can only be prolonged if it is adequately maintained.

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