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You don't have to be worry if you need a roof inspection or roof replacement for your old home roofing because there is a roofing contractor in East Texas ready to help. Alliance Roofing & Construction guarantees that we will provide an excellent residential roofing solution that fulfills your roofing requirements. Call us today for a free quote!

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If you need residential roof repair, installation, or replacement in De Kalb, Dallas, Texarkana, Mount Pleasant, Long View, Paris, or Sulphur Springs, Alliance Roofing & Construction has you covered. You can count on our trustworthy roofing services and high-quality materials. Our skilled crew will get the job done well, whether it is a simple home roof repair or a full house roof replacement.

We provide roof repair services for homes with various types of roofing. Alliance Roofing & Construction is your go-to company in East Texas for dependable roofing contractor repairs. Whatever the issue is, we will identify it, address it, and complete the project on time and within budget.

Residential roof construction aspects are crucial to Alliance Roofing & Construction. Our ways of roofing have remained consistent. Before installing new roofing materials, we first remove the old ones, making your room cool, increase the life of your roof, and enable us to identify and fix any concealed structural issues before placing your new roof. Furthermore, we exclusively use high-quality materials. We make every effort to safeguard your property during the residential roofing operation, and our employees do an excellent job of cleaning up the area per day.

Installation of Residential Roofing

If you are constructing a new house, our residential roofing experts can assist you in protecting your investment. Rainfall, winds, and other factors can cause damage to your property with a poorly installed roof, and homeowners lose millions of dollars due to water leaks in their ceilings, attics, and partitions. Trust in our experience, and we will surpass your expectations by providing the best residential roofing installation service possible.

Replacement of Residential Roofing

Some tiles or shingles, as well as flashings, can be changed, but your roof will need to be replaced soon. Even if you have a tile roof that only needs the underlayment changed or a shingle roof that needs replacement, Alliance Roofing & Construction have you covered. Replacing your roof before water seeps into your residence, causing property damage and costly repairs.

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Alliance Roofing & Construction provides outstanding Residential Roofing Services in East Texas and nearby areas, including roof installation, roof repair, and roof replacement. We have highly qualified staff, the best roofing supplies, and the necessary instruments to do the work correctly. Whether you are building a new home and require roofing or the roofing on your existing home requires repair, our team offers dependable, cheap, and expert roofing services everywhere. When you want things done correctly, there is only one company to call: Alliance Roofing & Construction.

Advantages of Installing a New Residential Roof

Some residents now perceive a few advantages to roof replacement, but many are hesitant to invest in a new roof till they have no other option. Nevertheless, contrary to popular opinion, this home renovation project has several advantages. Apart from improving the look of your house, it has a significant influence on the general comfort of your living areas.

Whether your roof is more than 20 years old or has received significant damage over the years, now may be the ideal time to consider replacing it. Alliance Roofing & Construction, your trusted East Texas roofing contractor, offers four reasons why you should install a new roof right away:

  • Endurance — Older roofs are more vulnerable to damage from severe winds, hurricanes, and hail. Even a minor leak on your roof can develop into a major issue over time. Alliance Roofing & Construction provides high-quality replacement roofs that can provide superior protection against the weather. For example, our asphalt shingle roofing has unique components and sealing technologies to help maintain your structure together regardless of its status.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency  Fissures and holes in an aging roof can cause substantial energy loss. Artificial systems may need to work longer to ensure a pleasant environment. We deliver energy-efficient roofing as the top East Texas roofing company to keep your house warm even in harsh weather. 

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  • Increased Appeal and Value  Most home renovation operations focus on enhancing the house's appearance, and roof replacement are one of them. Did you realize that your roof may account for up to 40% of your total exterior? You may bring new life into your house by replacing your old, deteriorating roof with a new system and may also improve the value of your property. 

  • Extensive Warranty Coverage  Professional roofers, such as Alliance Roofing & Construction, stand behind their materials and craftsmanship with substantial warranties. We give an additional layer of protection to your East Texas roofing by providing guarantees of up to 5 decades.

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For many years, our company has offered residential roofing services, and we are especially proud of each of our East Texas roofing projects. We understand that each roofing job is unique, which is why we have years of expertise providing our clients with a detailed and free estimate. Our professional estimator will give you a fair and accurate price for your home roofing repair or replacement. 

We proudly serve De Kalb and the neighboring regions, including Dallas, Texarkana, Mount Pleasant, Paris, Long View, and Sulphur Springs, with these three values driving our every move: Technique, Customer Service, and Experience. When combined, they provide a combination of client pleasure that few Texas roofing businesses can match.

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