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Shingles vs Metal Roof

The metal panels themselves not only cost more than asphalt shingles, but a metal roof also requires more skill and labor to install. The metal panels themselves not only cost more than asphalt shingles, but a metal roof also requires more skill and work to install. Shingle roofs can look neat and sophisticated, but they don’t offer the aesthetic possibilities that metal roofs offer. The metal panels themselves not only cost more than asphalt shingles, but a metal roof also requires more skill and labor to install.

Shingle roofs are everywhere, and there’s no doubt that shingles are more common compared to metal roofs. Composite is comparable to architectural asphalt shingles in price, where tiles are comparable to metal. Shingles can slip, disintegrate and fall off if the elements are sufficiently worn. You can usually install metal roofs over shingles, as most types are lightweight, thin, and pliable..

While asphalt shingles can withstand fire, metal roofs offer the best resistance. This has led homeowners to compare the more commonly used asphalt shingle roof to metal roofs.. There is little or no difference in the environmental impact caused by the production of roofing products made of metal and asphalt shingle materials.. Asphalt shingles are cheap and easy to maintain, but typically require more maintenance than a metal roof.

Asphalt shingles generally cost between a third and half of what their metal roofing counterparts cost.. Tile and composite are two other options to consider for this project. And although it is generally believed that hail can easily dent a metal roof, it’s a myth. The following table shows how each is compared in key problem areas.

Both require less maintenance and last longer than asphalt. Metal roofs are more efficient in dealing with frequent hailstorms than asphalt shingles. Compared to shingle roof installers, there are significantly fewer installers equipped and qualified in installing metal roofs.. The following guide looks at the advantages and disadvantages of metal roofs in general (and not specific subtypes) versus three-tab asphalt shingles.

For homeowners looking to make their space a lifelong home, metal roofs can be a better investment as installation is likely to be just a one-time thing, while an asphalt shingle roof can be a different story. And while it’s great to have so many options like asphalt shingles, metal, wood, tile, or concrete, it can also be overwhelming to weigh all the pros and cons of each type of roofing material. Tiles are renewable and energy efficient just like metal.

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In general, the upfront cost of a metal roof is much higher than the cost of a roof with asphalt shingles. In general, you can have a maximum of two or three shifts over your home in most states. If you’ve already done so, you’ll need to remove the existing layers before installing your new roof. And the number of contractors installing metal roofing in the area can also make a big difference.. Architectural shingles are typically the most expensive form of asphalt shingles, and you can get inexpensive aluminum metal roofs..

Copper metal roofs can pay off in terms of the overall value, energy efficiency and aesthetic impact they give your property. Since 1963, McElroy Metal has been serving the construction industry with quality products and excellent customer service.. But before you get too excited, remember that a metal roof requires more accessories like screws, flashing, and ridge caps.. However, given the durability of a metal roof, the total cost of installing and maintaining the roof will be much lower than if you completely change the roof every 15-20 years..

As a result, the remodeling magazine states that you can expect 61.2% of the cost of installing metal roofs and 65.9% for shingles. Remember that there are always factors like extreme weather, your region’s climate, and more that ultimately determine how long both roof systems last.. Aluminum roofs are a great choice if you live close to the ocean because they are corrosion and salt water resistant. With the included accessories, a metal roof can cost about the same or just a few hundred dollars as a shingle roof in an average home.

The cost of metal roofing versus the cost of asphalt shingles or other types of shingles will depend to some extent on your location and the type of property you have as well as your initial startup budget.. Both a standing seam metal roof and an asphalt shingle roof need maintenance to identify future problems and maximize the life of your roof.. From the factory, your metal roofing products are coated with either zinc (galvanized) or a mixture of aluminum and zinc (galvalume or zinc). If it’s a simple roof with few or no valleys, metal panels may be significantly cheaper and faster to install than asphalt shingles (including labor).

Metal roofs have a modern style, extensive warranties (30 to 50 years) and are very durable even in extreme elements such as heavy snowfall, hail and even fire. Of course, the cost of a metal roof also depends on the size and shape of your roof, your local market prices, the type of home you own, and other special conditions such as unique climate or weather factors such as wind damage on your roof..

Cost of a Metal Roof Compared to Shingles

Metal roofs generally cost a little more per square foot than alternatives to asphalt shingles, sometimes by an order of magnitude of two or three.. Metal roof installation costs are about the same price or slightly higher than your metal panels or shingles. With the included accessories, a metal roof can cost about the same or just a few hundred dollars as a shingle roof in an average home. Therefore, the very low end of the above price range is suitable for most low-end G-60 corrugated and ribbed metal roofs with exposed fasteners, while the higher costs are typically associated with metal shingles and stone-clad steel tiles, as well as standing seam metal roofs.

However, there are expensive architectural shingles that cost more than lower-cost metals like aluminum. While the maintenance costs for an asphalt shingle roof are not outrageous, a metal roof simply requires less. Since metal can be installed on an asphalt shingle roof (see local building codes for possible weight restrictions), you save labor and disposal costs. However, remember that you will need to purchase and install wooden purlins (we recommend 1×4 pine with 2′ spacing in the middle) to provide an even base for the metal plates. The following table shows that life cycle costs play a decisive role in any cost comparison between shingle and metal roofs..

A mid-range G-90 shingle roof system made of galvanized steel such as Tamko Metal Works, Edco Metals or Future Roof costs about twice the cost of asphalt shingles or more when fully installed. As you might have guessed, asphalt roofs usually take much longer to cool off at night after a hot summer day.. The cost of professional work is a major factor in the cost of metal roofs. This is an often lengthy installation process that requires a high level of precision, and therefore well-trained installers with specialized tools and equipment. It’s available in a variety of formats and designs, including shingles, standing seam, woodshake, and tiles.

While metal roofs tell a compelling cost story about the life cycle, a number of other issues are taken into account in any cost analysis between shingles and metal roofs.. While you might think that installing a metal roof means nothing, a lot could go wrong, which is why you’ll save a lot more in the long run if you hire a contractor who has been installing metal roofing tiles and shingles for many years. You can actually expect the cost of a metal roof to be more than double or triple the cost of an asphalt shingle roof.. Now there are metal shingles and panels that mimic materials such as slate, tile, wooden shaken and even asphalt.

First, there are a number of influences that affect metal roofing materials and traditional asphalt shingles equally in relation to the cost of the base material.. However, if the roof is more complex with multiple valleys and peaks, although the cost of materials may still be about the same, asphalt shingles are installed faster and cost less labor than metal panels.

Cost of metal roof vs shingle

These two photos represent a 60-year cost comparison between mid-range shingle roofs (three in total) and metal roofs (one in total). When installed, asphalt shingles are really convincing over more expensive metal roofing options, in part because of the cost and challenge involved in adopting metal roofs.

Therefore, the very low end of the above price range is suitable for most low-end, G-60 corrugated and ribbed metal roofs with exposed fasteners, while the higher cost typically involves metal shingles and stone-clad steel tiles and standing seam metal

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Conversely, metal roofing systems are inherently less susceptible to damage from Mother Nature because they are designed to withstand high winds. From a purely financial analysis, asphalt shingles are much cheaper for your first roof but cost a lot more if that roof needs to be replaced.. The coating or paint system that is applied to the metal roof panels at the factory also has a direct impact on long-term performance and aesthetics. Quality, service and performance were the cornerstones of McElroy Metal’s business philosophy and have contributed to the company’s success over the years.

If you want the traditional asphalt shingle or architectural shingle look, metal shingle options are available that are a great option. This method gives the installer a flat surface to place the metal roofing tiles instead of the grooves and irregularities of the shingles.. Granted, if you’re in a wind storm or wildfire region, your roof needs to stay intact so long for this to be calculated, but a metal roof is a big step in that direction.. If you need a new roof, consider replacing a metal roof or a shingle roof..

Exfoliating granules — The granules added for shingle color and protection can actually chip off the coating and get stuck in gutters, pipes, and other places where a blockage problem may occur.

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